• "Tou SaiK Lee is an inspirational performer. Using his gifts as a talented lyricist to convey messages of social importance. A fantastic example of someone using culture and art to drive social change. I wholeheartedly endorse the work that he is doing."

    Councillor Rishi Shori
    Leader of Bury Metropolitan Borough Council
    Greater Manchester Lead for Young People & Social Cohesion
  • "Tou SaiK Lee performed spoken word in front of our 60 young immigrant Green Card Youth Voices authors and inspired them both with his personal story and amazing talent. We were all deeply touched by his honesty and vulnerability. I highly recommend him as both a speaker and performer."

    Tea Rozman Clark
    Executive Director of Green Card Voices
  • "Tou SaiK’s presentation on Hmong culture could be described as nothing less than inspiring, leaving the audience to want to do more research on their own. The boundaries Tou SaiK pushed and innovations he's portrayed only encourage the audience to listen closer and learn more."

    Logan Johnson
    Student at Metropolitan State University
  • "He has a gentle way with the students and was highly regarded among all. Moreover, his talent went unnoticed – beautifully lyrical and meaningful in thought."

    Sarah Schmidt
    6th Grade Teacher, Middleton Elementary
  • "Thank you for being so generous by sharing your knowledge of your cultural history and how your people have been healing themselves through oral traditions of storytelling, music and poetry for centuries."

    Larry Tucker
    Owner and Co-Founder of Kente Circle at Kente Circle's Training Institute Fall Conference 2018
  • "Tou SaiKo Lee has a unique ability to skillfully weave the past with the present. He cares a great deal about Hmong oral traditions but also present-day musical practices in the United States."

    Dr. Ian Baird
    Director, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • "Through his charisma, enthusiasm, belief in and patience with students, and his own formidable performance-poetry talent, he brings classrooms full of students to a place of collaborative commitment they otherwise would never experience."

    Andy Hueller
    Middle School English Teacher, St. Paul Academy and Summit School
    Author of How I Got Rich Writing C Papers
  • "My students were moved by his candid stories about his contributions to Hmong cultural production. They found his mission to bridge multigenerational cultural knowledge within the Hmong community so inspiring that they continued to discuss his insights days and weeks after his presentation."

    H. Julie Kae
    Assistant Professor, Metropolitan State University