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Over 15 Years of community engagement and performance.

  • About Tou SaiK Lee

    Tou SaiK is known to teach and inspire as a public speaker and performer. Lee is an Intergenerational Bridge Builder through his experience working with youth and elders in community. Lee facilitates workshops to give opportunities for participants through arts of storytelling, songwriting and spoken word poetry with a focus on cultural identity within refugee and immigrant experiences. Tou presents his own journey to understand his cultural identity through the collaboration with his grandma Youa Chang who does Hmong poetry chanting. He also relearned his native language through writing songs, overcame gang violence to achieve success by learning of the struggles his people had to overcome historically. Tou talks about his own story, how he found Hip Hop, broke out of his shell as a shy child, and how creative writing gave him a voice to express life challenges.